About AASU

Every day I get better at knowing that it is not a choice to be an activist; rather, it is the only way to hold on to the better parts of my human self. It is the only way I can live and laugh without guilt.
― Staceyann Chin, spoken-word poet, performing artist, & LGBT rights political activist

Our Mission

The Asian American Student Union (AASU) is a political organization for Asian American*, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, and Alaskan Native students at Scripps College. AASU seeks to:

  1. Strengthen communities at Scripps College and across the 5Cs, helping our members build relationships with each other and with other students of color
  2. Provide a space for our members to explore issues such as race, class, gender, sexuality, disability, and nationality in both a political and personal context.
  3. Explore necessary tools to organize and grow communities at Scripps to create a more equitable campus environment
  4. Build awareness of Asian American histories and current issues, and how they relate to the histories and issues of other people of color
  5. Foster spaces on campus that AAPI can call their own

We will accomplish these goals through programming in coalition with other POC organizations at Scripps and the 5Cs. We also will partner with the Intercollegiate Department of Asian American Studies to ensure an AASU curriculum that is accountable to the needs of our diverse communities.

Long term aspirations

We hope to love, support, and politicize our communities. By developing our membership, we hope to build a Scripps community where students of color are able to develop closer, meaningful, and more supportive relationships with one another. We see this emphasis on collaboration as a manifestation of our collective political commitment to create a Scripps that is equitable and accountable to people of color communities and their struggles.

What we do:

  1. Invite Asian American organizers who will spread awareness of their political organizations and their work, and build relationships with these organizations.
  2. Bring Asian American musicians, artists and authors to campus who inspire political consciousness and incorporate issues of Asian American identity in their works.
  3. Screen films by Asian American producers and/or featuring Asian American actors and actresses.
  4. Each semester, hold retreats to foster community building and to welcome our new members.
  5. Hold weekly meetings that include discussions and programming.
  6. Organize monthly bonding activities with other POC groups at Scripps.

* “Asian-American” encompasses but is not limited to people of East Asian, Southeast Asian, South Asian, Middle Eastern, Mixed Race, Pacific Islander, Native Haiwaiian, and Alaskan Native descent.