AASU/SCORE Coordinator


Jennifer (Jenn) Wells has served as Assistant Dean and Director of SCORE since February 2017. During her time at Scripps, Jenn has supported AASU through both advising as well as programming. Jenn identifies as Filipinx and Black, and is happy to discuss how to navigate different aspects of identity with students.

Jenn is available during SCORE Office hours (Monday through Friday from 9am-6pm) as well as through appointments that can be booked through this link: https://calendly.com/deanwells 

Read a feature about Jenn here!


Past AASU Advisers/SCORE Staff


Yuka Ogino was AASU’s adviser from 2012-2017. She was the first staff member appointed to support AASU since the AASU’s last coordinator was retracted in 2001. We appreciate her! While at Scripps, she additionally worked as the SCORE program coordinator alongside Victoria Verlezza, while also acting as convener of the 7C, formerly 5C, Asian American Advisory Board (AdBoard). On August 1, 2017, after five years at Scripps, Yuka left to obtain her MBA.

Yuka began at Scripps as a Program Coordinator, and was promoted to Assistant Director of SCORE in 2015.

In 2016 Yuka was awarded the Staff of the Year award by Scripps Associated Students. She served as the Coordinator to the 7C Asian American Advisory Board/AdBoard (formerly 5C) and has inspired many students to give back to their communities. Yuka’s passion for social justice is well known, as is her expertise. Yuka has facilitated over 80 workshops since her arrival in 2012. In Fall 2016, Dean Charlotte Johnson promoted Yuka to Associate Director of the newly named Office of Student Engagement (formerly Student Activities and Residential Life Office/SARLO).




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